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I have a Rails 3.0 metal class that is in app/controllers directory.

class FooMetalController < ActionController::Metal

  include ActionController::Cookies
  include ActionController::Helpers::ClassMethods
  include ActionDispatch::Session::CookieStore

  def hit
    unless cookies[:user_id].nil?"Cookies value is : #{cookies[:user_id]}")
      redirect_to ""
      cookies[:user_id] = { :value => "198", :expires => 180.days.from_now }
      redirect_to ""


When I hit the url with: http://localhost:3000/foo, the hit method gets called. The problem is that it is not able to use the cookies method. I have included modules related to cookies, still I am getting : ActionController::RoutingError (undefined method `helper_method' for error message.

How do I make a Rails metal class recognize the cookies method?

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Looking at the source:

It looks like including ActionController::Cookies implicitly calls helper_method when it is included. Try including ActionController::Helpers before ActionController::Cookies.

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