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I've created an IntelliJ Idea SBT Scala project like Heiko Seeberger's article describes.

I'd like to add a Jar library (joda-time) to use in this project. How to do this? Simply putting them into project's /lib does not help. If I right-click "External libraries" in Idea's project tree, "New >" is greyed.

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File - Project structure - Libraries

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This doesn't appear to work in version 13.1.5. I add the .jar file. And it works fine until the next time I restart IntellJ, or if I modify the build.sbt file. Then, it just "disappears". –  chaotic3quilibrium Oct 23 '14 at 22:39
Idem. the same to me –  Germán Bouzas Mar 13 at 11:57

In Intellij Idea:

  • File > Project Structure > Libraries

In Netbeans:

  • File > Project Properties > Libraries

In Eclipse:

  • Right click the project > Properties > Java Build Path > Libraries
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