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I am trying to create an action (:my_action) route that will allow me to capture the current object :id as well as a :client_id.

For new records, the url would look like this:


For editing existing records, the url would look like this:


I have played around with member routes but can't seem to get it working for both of the above scenarios.

Thanks in advance =]

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You can easily declare two routes and direct them both to my_action

map.connect 'controller/action/new/my_action/:client_id', :controller => :my_controller, :action => :my_action
map.connect 'controller/action/:id/edit/my_action/:client_id', :controller => :my_controller, :action => :my_action

Seems like the easiest solution to me.

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This is exactly what I was after. Thank you! –  Coderama Sep 26 '10 at 2:14

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