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Im using a multiple LiKE queries on a table in mysql, The query is being generated from another table and then sent to Mysql. The actual query when run generates results but when i run it on the page it returns nothing?? Secondly there must be a simpler way to run the same query using less LIKE command maybe

mysql_query("SELECT FROM fm_sources WHERE title,excerpt LIKE (list of items to query against)")

this is the code that im using to build the query

function parse_club_search($club)
    $club=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM fm_clubs WHERE name LIKE $club");





foreach($full_string as $tag)

        echo $tag."<br/>";
        $sql_query_holder=$sql_query_holder." excerpt LIKE '%".$tag."%' OR title LIKE '%".$tag."%' OR";
        $sql_query_holder=$sql_query_holder." excerpt LIKE '%".$tag."%' OR title LIKE '%".$tag."%'";

echo $sql_query_holder."<br/><br/>";

$search=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM fm_sources WHERE $sql_query_holder ORDER BY tweet_count DESC");

and this is the echoed output of the query and then when run no results.

excerpt LIKE '%Roy Hodgson%' OR title LIKE '%Roy Hodgson%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Sammy Lee%' OR title LIKE '%Sammy Lee%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Kenny Dalglish%' OR title LIKE '%Kenny Dalglish%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Brad Jones%' OR title LIKE '%Brad Jones%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Glen Johnson%' OR title LIKE '%Glen Johnson%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Paul Konchesky%' OR title LIKE '%Paul Konchesky%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Raul Meireles%' OR title LIKE '%Raul Meireles%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Daniel Agger%' OR title LIKE '%Daniel Agger%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Fabio Aurelio%' OR title LIKE '%Fabio Aurelio%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Steven Gerrard%' OR title LIKE '%Steven Gerrard%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Fernando Torres%' OR title LIKE '%Fernando Torres%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Joe Cole%' OR title LIKE '%Joe Cole%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Daniel Pacheco%' OR title LIKE '%Daniel Pacheco%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Milan Jovanovic%' OR title LIKE '%Milan Jovanovic%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Sotirios Kyrgiakos%' OR title LIKE '%Sotirios Kyrgiakos%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Maxi Rodriguez%' OR title LIKE '%Maxi Rodriguez%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Dirk Kuyt%' OR title LIKE '%Dirk Kuyt%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Ryan Babel%' OR title LIKE '%Ryan Babel%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Lucas%' OR title LIKE '%Lucas%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Danny Wilson%' OR title LIKE '%Danny Wilson%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Jamie Carragher%' OR title LIKE '%Jamie Carragher%' OR excerpt LIKE '%David NGog%' OR title LIKE '%David NGog%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Pepe Reina%' OR title LIKE '%Pepe Reina%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Jay Spearing%' OR title LIKE '%Jay Spearing%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Christian Poulsen%' OR title LIKE '%Christian Poulsen%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Charles Itandje%' OR title LIKE '%Charles Itandje%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Stephen Darby%' OR title LIKE '%Stephen Darby%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Jonjo Shelvey%' OR title LIKE '%Jonjo Shelvey%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Martin Kelly%' OR title LIKE '%Martin Kelly%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Steven Irwin%' OR title LIKE '%Steven Irwin%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Martin Skrtel%' OR title LIKE '%Martin Skrtel%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Nathan Eccleston%' OR title LIKE '%Nathan Eccleston%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Daniel Ayala%' OR title LIKE '%Daniel Ayala%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Martin Hansen%' OR title LIKE '%Martin Hansen%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Peter Gulacsi%' OR title LIKE '%Peter Gulacsi%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Dean Bouzanis%' OR title LIKE '%Dean Bouzanis%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Victor Palsson%' OR title LIKE '%Victor Palsson%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Tom Ince%' OR title LIKE '%Tom Ince%' OR excerpt LIKE '%David Amoo%' OR title LIKE '%David Amoo%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Andre Wisdom%' OR title LIKE '%Andre Wisdom%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Gerardo Bruna%' OR title LIKE '%Gerardo Bruna%' OR excerpt LIKE '%Jack Robinson%' OR title LIKE '%Jack Robinson%' OR excerpt LIKE '%liverpool%' OR title LIKE '%liverpool%' OR excerpt LIKE '%lfc%' OR title LIKE '%lfc%'

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And holy cow, that can't be an efficient query. It looks like you could benefit greatly from normalization. –  NullUserException Sep 26 '10 at 2:11
sorry about that just read your blog post,i didnt realise i had to accept and answer and i couldnt vote for it with low rep. I'll go back and accept the answers on my previous questions –  Baadier Sep 26 '10 at 2:25

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The problem is this line:


Your script doesn't output the whole query, just part of it, which it then modifies. No wonder you couldn't see what was wrong.

The query it's running is actually:

SELECT * FROM fm_sources WHERE "excerpt LIKE '%Roy Hodgson%' OR title LIKE '%Roy Hodgson%' <etc etc> " ORDER BY tweet_count DESC

You don't need those extra inverted commas

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thanks very much –  Baadier Sep 28 '10 at 0:38

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