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I am trying to understand the use of XAML instead using it as markup in creating WPF and silverlight applications. Where else could i use XAML. Please provider all the possible uses of XAML.

Could XAML be used as regular XML to provider mapping and related stuff?

Please provider some links where i could learn about XAML.


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This writeup can be helpful: This article describes a way on how XAML can be used as a serialization format not just for a user-interface, but also for other CLR objects.

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Good link it answered my question to good extent. Can XAML be used in any part of .net web application apart from Silverlight and WF. – Praneeth Sep 26 '10 at 5:21
Well, as the link says, it can be used to represent other CLR objects. .NET web apps will certainly be using CLR objects behind the scenes so yes, I believe XAML can also be used on web apps. Though I must say, I can't see what benefits you'll get if you do. – karmicpuppet Sep 26 '10 at 5:28

XAML is used as the serialization mechanism for workflows in Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), see for example

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Link was helpful. Can we do more then that like what XML is doing? Now I got it could be used for serialization. Can XAML be used in any part of .net web application apart from WF. – Praneeth Sep 26 '10 at 5:18

XAML's a fairly efficient XML serialization format with hooks for namespaces and markup extensions. You don't have to use it purely for WPF applications; as long as the types you're serializing have parameterless constructors you can represent just about any .NET reference type in XAML.

If you're not using markup extensions, it's not really a huge leap past ordinary XML serialization. But the incremental improvements that it offers are useful enough, and the fact that it's a format supported by VS and WPF and Blend certainly doesn't hurt.

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