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Hi I am making a chrome extension. Where I save a page to the database as a string and then open it later as a dataURI scheme like:

d = 'data:text/html;charset=utf-8'+encodeURI('HTML TEXT')

The problem with this is that the page, say its name is http://X/, in which I executed the above command loses the javascript files in its head. I considered using the document.write(d), if d has a string appeneded to it with the <head>...</head> of http://X/.

But this opens a big vulnerability problem for XSS. At this point I am trying to think of white listing tags when I save the original page... is there another way?

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I'm not sure what you mean by http://X/, but if want copied website to retain its origin (i.e. have code you give run exactly as if it were downloaded from http://X/), then I'm afraid it's not possible with standard DOM methods (it would be a security vulnerability that bypasses same-origin security policy).

If you want to run 3rd party sourcecode safely, then use this:

<iframe sandbox src="data:…"></iframe>

You could modify the source and insert <base href="http://X/"> in there to make relative URLs work properly.

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