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I have a simple swf file, it load three movie movie(swf) in to 3 different _level :

loadMovieNum("test1.swf", 0);
loadMovieNum("test2.swf", 1);
loadMovieNum("test3.swf", 2);

test2.swf just have a button with script :

on (release) {

test3.swf have a button with script :

on (release) {

The problem is when I press test3.swf's button,it load test3.swf into _level1,others _level still remain,but when I press test2.swf's button it load test2.swf into _level0,and others _level dissappear. Why?

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Yes, loading into level 0 effectively replaces the contents of your main SWF with the loaded SWF. Just start at level 1 and all is golden.

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