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I've starting programming on ASP.NET MVC Framework a year ago. Recently. I've learning Ruby On Rails Framework There is "custom html helper" feature in ASP.NET MVC So I can create my own html helper

<%= Html.MyOwnHtmlHelper() %>

I've learned that there is html helpers in Ruby such as

<% text_area %>

which render at html

I have a question. Can I create my own html helper for rendering my own html?

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To create a new helper:

  1. choose a name for the helper file, for instance tags_helper.rb
  2. create the file in the /app/helpers directory
  3. create a module according to the file name. In this case

    module TagsHelper
  4. define your helper as method

    module TagsHelper
      def hello_world(name)
        "hello #{name}"

Now you can use the hello_world helper method in your view.

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Does an HTML helper have to be a Module? Can it be a class? –  Colin Pear Oct 8 '13 at 17:38
Thank you for posting this. I googled this topic and your answer is much more concise than the other results. –  gohnjanotis Dec 3 '14 at 3:27

Depending on what you need you can also create html content in a partial. So for example in app/views you could create a folder called content and there create a file called _hello_world.erb

And then render it where ever you wish to include it. For example like this:

<%= render 'content/hello_world' %>
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