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I've created a random access file as follows:

 RandomAccessFile aFile = null;
 aFile = new RandomAccessFile(NetSimView.filename, "rwd");

I want to delete the file "afile". can anyone suggest me how to do it?

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You can do that:

File f = new File(NetSimView.filename);

Edit, regarding your comment:

The parameter NetSimView.filename seems to be a File and not a String that contains the path to the file. So simply do:

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Or (new File(NetSimView.filename)).delete();. –  larsmans Sep 26 '10 at 9:41
@romaintiaz :Thanks for your answer but the above code is giving an error: cannot find symbol Symbol:Constructor File(java.io.File) –  Harshit Agarwal Sep 26 '10 at 9:43
NetSimView.filename is a File class, then? Read my edit. –  romaintaz Sep 26 '10 at 9:48
I had the same problem ... and the code is giving an error : package NetSimView does not exist –  Ruba Dec 29 '10 at 6:48

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