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I have no idea if there exists a pattern matching function for Common Lisp, nevertheless I have to make my own function. I have no idea about Lisp. Can somebody give heads-up on learning Lisp and most importantly, how to go about doing pattern matching in Lisp. I will have to pass a pattern and a fact and say if they match. An example would be

(heroes (hitpoints=hp) (mana=m)) 

should match

(Morphling (hitpoints 435) (mana 260))

it should also be able to also do numeric comparisons of if a number is greater or lesser. Like if another heroes mana is less that Morphling.

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Simple pattern matching functionality is explained in various Lisp books.

and others.

Above books explain implementing pattern matching in Lisp very well.

Libraries exist, for example cl-match.

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I cannot use library functions.I have to make my own. – gizgok Sep 26 '10 at 16:17
@gizgok: a good start would be learning Lisp using the Winston/Horn book. Bonus: it explains implementing pattern matching. – Rainer Joswig Sep 26 '10 at 16:36

I think you may want the CL-Unification library:

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I don't want to short circuit any learning you need to do for school (if that is the context in which this project is necessitated), but you could study the cl-ppcre library,, to see how an experienced Lisper does it. You could download the source and study it to understand. I would also second the book by Norvig,, mentioned above. You can learn so much from that book.

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