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I need to build a gui showing some kind of 'job queue'.

I create triggers dynamically and schedule them with jobScheduler.scheduleJob(trigger);. I pass also some data via the trigger's dataMap.

How can I get back the list of triggers which didn't yet fire?

I found a way to get the currently running jobs, but no way to get the list of registered trigger.

Should I maintain this list by myself and remove stuff when it finished executing by implementing a trigger listener?

Can I get the underlying JobStore and invoke getTriggerNames() or similar? But how can I get the JobStore. All I have is a Scheduler instance (actualy a StdScheduler), and there seems no way to get a JobStore instance from it.

(I use spring to get the Scheduler from a SchedulerFactoryBean)

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Ok, I'm just tired.

There is a method getTriggerNames() in the Scheduler. So it solves my problem.

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