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I like the status email sent by TFS's alerts mechanism when a build breaks. However I would like to send such an email to the entire team and not rely on the team to subscribe to the alert...

Having a hard time producing a nice and detailed enough message by myself when overriding the "OnBuildBreak" and using the MSBuildCommunityTasks EMail task.

Is there a way to force a TFS alert to be sent to a list of emails? Can you recommend of a way to send such status notifications?

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You could try.

Brian the build bunny


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The Team Build Tray Notification tool what is included in the TFS 2008 Power Tools is very useful for this.

Build Notification Tray tool

See Buck Hodges' blog for screenshots and more information.

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Too bad it is broken after installing TFS 2008 SP1. It should be fixed in the November release of the power tools though –  Geir-Tore Lindsve Oct 31 '08 at 12:16
Yes, it seems to be (at least) badly unreliable. Often does not update any more until you close and restart it. Really too bad. –  peSHIr Dec 22 '09 at 9:42
It is extremely unreliable and if there are constant builds going you never know the actual build is broke. –  Burt Feb 8 '10 at 14:15

I don't want to dig up an old topic, but for those that stumble upon it two years late (like me), this is built into TFS 2010 now.

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Set up an email alias for the team on the mail server, and enter this when subscribing to the mail.

Try the Team Foundation Server Event Subscription Tool. This allows you to send emails to any address when any TFS event occurs.

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Brian the Build bunny is nice but the Nabaztagtag WiFi Rabbit bunny is pretty expensive and is currently out of stock.

The Team Build Tray Notification that comes with TFS is ok, but:

  • It's damn slow and polling is not configurable
  • It's too easy to miss the build being broken for projects you care about
  • Doesn't support different actions for different projects (e.g. show a modal dialog for project #1, but just show a short tray alert for project #2)
  • Doesn't support different triggers for different people (e.g. show notifications for just me on project #1 or anyone on project #2)
  • No information on what broke the build (e.g. compiler error, unit test, integration test)
  • No audible notification if system's on mute
  • No last build times

So there's an open source project on Google Code that runs in the tray that's available on Google Code: http://code.google.com/p/siren-of-shame/. That project can work independently but it's designed to work with a USB Siren that is available for sale.

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I generally like the TFS Build Status Tray by Rob Aquila. Be sure to get the 1.0.1 Beta, as this lets you easily specify the projects to watch using a bit of GUI and also has a notify icon that changes color, so you only need to open the actual build status list when the icon turns red. The 1.0 version had a fixed icon, and only notify toasts in the corner of your screen.

There is also a version of the same tool that is meant to be shown full screen on a wall mounted display for instance.

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+1 this is a great tool to remain open on a second monitor for example –  Gerrie Schenck Jan 11 '10 at 10:54

The July release of TFS 2008 PowerTools adds an "Alert Editor" to Team Explorer. Adding Alerts is a breeze. It has a query tool similar to the Query tool.

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In my mind, a open source project named 'Web Deployment Projects' can do this. your can search for it.

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