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does anyone have any resources for learning assembly language on x86? I'm trying to debug a program in MSVC++6 and frequently come across assembly (like stepping into memcpy).. Previously I just ignored these but memcpy keeps throwing exceptions and I need to find out why..

Any help would be appreciated :)

EDIT:Wow, lots of great resources.. I wish I could mark everything as accepted answer :P

HINT: combine anyone? :P

New edit: I just looked through the answers, and these seemed the best:

Aseraphim's post specific to intel x86

jkchong's post for a more introductory text

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Upvote any you think are good answers – too much php Dec 19 '08 at 3:43
Sorry, not enough reputation :S maybe if someone upvoted my question.. :S – krebstar Dec 19 '08 at 3:44
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If you just need to understand what each instruction does, the reference manual for the IA-32 (x86) & IA64 instruction sets are located here.

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Online resources:

PC Assembly Language

Art of Assembly Language Programming

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The first link here is nice.. Too bad I don't have enough reputation to vote it up.. :S – krebstar Dec 19 '08 at 3:43
I'm fond of Art os Assembly Language Programming, and I did. – Charlie Martin Dec 19 '08 at 5:36
+1 for PC assembly languge – yesraaj Dec 19 '08 at 10:50

Dunteman's "Assembly Language Step by Step" is a pretty good starting point for x86 assembly.

I'm sure there are good tutorial sites on the Net, but I'm not familiar with them.

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Wow! I read an earlier edition of that book about 15 years ago. If I remember correctly, it was very good. – Jim Anderson Dec 19 '08 at 3:40
Hmm, sorry, I can't choose this as the correct answer because I cannot verify it, I'd need to get my hands on the book first :S – krebstar Dec 19 '08 at 3:42

We used Microcomputer Experimentation with the IBM PC and Assembly Language Step-By-Step when I took it in school (back in the 1900s). Both are pretty good introductory books.

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I wore an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time. – Bill the Lizard Dec 19 '08 at 3:22
Hey, everybody. An old man's talking! – Michael Burr Dec 19 '08 at 3:37
Haha.. I did not understand the "onion on my belt" thing.. XD – krebstar Dec 19 '08 at 3:41
Isn't this the type of question SO mods love to close? – Dan Dascalescu Dec 2 '14 at 7:02
I upvote because a moderator with 188k reputation doesn't look good with any upvote. ;-) – Sting Oct 21 '15 at 0:27

There are also two great communities about x86 assembly programming on Windows:

If you are specifically interested in Visual Studio and the MS assembler (masm), you'll want to look into

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