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I'd like to use iOS device as a TCP client, but I can't find an understandable API/guide/sample of how to do that. I tried SimpleNetworkStreams and PictureSharing, but they are both using Bonjour. I can make UDP connections easily, learned via UDPEcho, but I can't find as good sample as UDPEcho for TCP. I want a simple example of connecting to a server, and print in the screen all the incoming messages from the server - that's it.


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Have you looked at the AsyncSocket project?

It supports TCP and UDP. To find it, I googled "cocoa tcp socket class".

Note: The project was moved to

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Bonjour is just a way to announce services — not a replacement for tcp/udp.

The services still use tcp or udp.

ASIHTTPRequest makes your life easier.

As I mentioned above: tcp is a basic protocol for services, while Bonjour can announce services. So see this tutorial and dont care about the Bonjour stuff.

May google be with you!

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Thanks for the answer, but I'm afraid it doesn't help me. I'm searching for a sample TCP connection in objective c, and that's now that.. – Eli_Rozen Sep 26 '10 at 23:50

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