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I'm building an application that requires the user to drag and drop html elements onto a CKeditor instance. I need to listen for the drop event so I can take action to remove the element that was dropped onto the editor. I see that there's a 'paste' event, but it's not triggered by the drop.

Here's my simple test, using the CKeditor jquery adapter:

// set up instance
var editor = $('#editor1').ckeditorGet();

// this gets a list of all events that you can listen for

// here's how you listen for an event
editor.on("someEvent", function(e) {

I can't find anything in the documentation to shed light on this.

Any ideas?

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did you have any luck with this? I am trying to do the same thing now. – joshs Jan 15 '11 at 5:57
No, no luck. I went down a different path. – ScottE Jan 15 '11 at 13:18

If possible, assign a unique attribute to the items you're dropping into the editor, then listen for selectionChange

editor.on('selectionChange', hookNewObjects);

Keep a register of all the objects you've already dropped and take action on new ones only.

You can access the recently dragged element using

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