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Facebook recently announced the ability to link a Like button to a Facebook Page.

I've created a simple canvas application and successfully added a share button using FBML, how ever, i'm now required to insert a 'Like' button also (i know adding a like button is strange when there's a like button at the top of the page, but thats what the client wants!). As the post mentions, i need to implement the Graph Api which i've done. I've tested this directly on the Canvas URL which works fine, how ever it doesn't work when loading into a tab - I get the following error:

FBML Error (line 28): illegal tag "body" under "fb:tab-position this because you can only use FBML (where the body tag is not allowed) and not the Graph Api within a canvas tab?? Is there anything i can do at present?


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I had this problem with my Ruby On Rails application and it was down to forgery protection on POST requests. Once I figured that out the skip_before_filter did the job. I've read other people having similar problems and them being down to server problems accepting POST requests. Just a thought to check out.

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I just simply took the tag out leaving:


stuff here

and viola

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