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here is my partial for writing a comment:

<div class="commentBox">
    <%=form_for [commentable,Comment.new], :remote => true do |f|%>
        <%=f.text_area :content, :placeholder=>"Write a comment...", :title=>"Write a comment..." %>
        <%=f.hidden_field :parent_id%>
        <br />
        <%=f.submit "Add comment"%>

The issue with this is that the page is loading which the following:

....<textarea title="Write a comment..." rows="20" placeholder="Write a comment..." name="comment[content]" id="comment_content" cols="40"></textarea>

The problem with this is that my page can have several items on it that are commentable. So having a TEXTAREA with ID doesn't work...

What I'd like is for the textarea to have a class of comment_content, and then in the form I can add a hidden field with the recordID where the comment can live and then in the controller use that ID to insert into the DB. Does this sound like the right idea?


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You can always override default attributes such as id.

<%=f.text_area :content, :id => "text-1" %>
<%=f.text_area :content, :id => "text-2" %>
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Based on the use case above. Do you think that's the way to go? –  AnApprentice Sep 27 '10 at 3:42
@TheApprentice: Absolutely if you want to uniquely identify them. –  Ryan Bigg Sep 27 '10 at 5:47

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