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How can you display a Bash script with its variables expanded. I want to see what the script would actually execute, without doing anything.

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the options are mutually exclusive so beer all round –  vfclists Feb 9 '12 at 13:42

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There are three relevant options:

  • -n - do not execute
  • -v - show the code as it is read
  • -x - show the code as it is executed

AFAIK, you can't see the expanded variables with -n in effect, but you can't avoid executing code unless -n is in effect. So, roughly, you have to execute the script to see the expanded variables.

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You can use the -x option of bash as:

$bash -x myscript.sh
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prefix your commands with echo?

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If you don't execute the variable assignments then there's nothing to expand.

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