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From the Spring API, i understood that @InitBinder is used to initialize some binding rules..

In the petclinic example why we have setdisallowed("id")? when the id is not displayed on the form?

public void setAllowedFields(WebDataBinder dataBinder) {

The id field is not displayed on the web page then why we are using the above code?

can we have some thing like this:

public void setAllowedFields(WebDataBinder dataBinder) {

as per the above code the first name field of the owner object will not be set though user enters on the form? Is that correct?

link for the source

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Because it can still be submitted if the end-user modifies the page or the request (for example using FireBug). Thus he can inject values into your bound object even you are don't want this.

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Thanks Bozho for your reply.. –  javanoob Sep 30 '10 at 14:26

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