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I wanna check lots of execution files (*.exe) that made by packer or compilers.

So I need a library or anything like that which could tell me witch compiler or packer has made the *.exe files.

I have tried the exeinfo but it makes me lots of minute to wait becouse it works one by one.

Is there any program or library to handle that all.

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PEiD is your best choice.

If you need "a library" you could create a script that uses the supplied signature file. I think I saw a python script which did exactly this on a blog a while back, I lost the link though.

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I like PeStudio to detect packers/compressors

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PeStudio detects the fact that a PE image is compressed/encrypted/packed (it is all the same as far as PE is concerned!), but it does not identify the type of packer. –  mox May 10 '12 at 21:27

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