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We are developing with EMF outside Eclipse therefore using Maven for build. My question is where can I find EMF artifacts, and if yes which version.

BTW Is there any tool to automatically cross-publish Eclipse artifacts with sources to Maven repository?


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You must install/deploy them manually. I use this command line:

mvn eclipse:make-artifacts -DstripQualifier=true -DeclipseDir=.../eclipse

to get the artifacts into the local M2 repo.

After that, I run this script to move the source JARs to the right place for Maven to pick them up.

The easiest way to deploy them is to use Nexus or a similar Maven cache/proxy and copy the files in the right place.

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Will source JAR files also be created? –  Renat Sep 28 '10 at 8:28
Yes but only if you have them. Usually, you can get them by downloading all available "SDKs" –  Aaron Digulla Sep 28 '10 at 8:33

I've patched maven-eclipse-plugin with proper handling of sources (it automatically uploads .source- plugins as a sources artifact) and I have added two additional properties:

  • -DpomDeps - True (default) generates pom deps based on the OSGi manifest. False otherwise
  • -DgroupIds - A comma separated list of groupIds to include. When set it filters out any plugin that doesnt start with any of the comma separated strings. It also provides a way to control the groupId (instead of groupId=org.eclipse.emf and artifactId=core you could have groupId=org.eclipse and artifactId=emf.core when -DgroupIds=org.eclipse)

I still need to submit the patch for it.

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