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Lucene.net is a direct port of Lucene for java, so it stands to reason that i could use the index directory created by Lucene.net directly from Lucene in java, is this assumption correct?

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From the Lucene.Net site:

In addition to the APIs and classes port to C#, the algorithm of Java Lucene is ported to C# Lucene. This means an index created with Java Lucene is back-and-forth compatible with the C# Lucene; both at reading, writing and updating. In fact a Lucene index can be concurrently searched and updated using Java Lucene and C# Lucene processes.

However, as Thilo points out in the comments, this compatibility is version-dependant; the index format may change between releases.

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Be careful to match the versions, though. Lucene improve their index format from time to time and then the old version cannot read the updated index files anymore. –  Thilo Sep 27 '10 at 7:59

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