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I have a list of objects, which has a method that has a couple of out parameters. How do i call this method on each object, get the out parameter values and use them later on in the query, perhaps for checking in a where clause?

Is this possible and if so can someone please demonostrate through sample code.


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Maybe you should use a for each loop and then use your query?

(Actually, it's hard to say what to do best in this situation without knowing your code)

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For my specific scenario, the cleanest and most sensible way to do this would be a combination of a loop and linq. I think i've been trying to overuse Linq. – c0D3l0g1c Sep 28 '10 at 10:34
Yeah, happens to me too from time to time. Keep it simple! :) – sloth Sep 28 '10 at 10:35

Here is one way of accessing the values of out parameters in your LINQ query. I dont think that you can use the out-values from say a where in a later select: list.Where(...).Select(...)

List<MyClass> list; // Initialize

Func<MyClass, bool> fun = f =>
    int a, b;
    f.MyMethod(out a, out b);
    return a == b;

Where MyClass is implemented something like this;

public class MyClass
    public void MyMethod(out int a, out int b)
        // Implementation
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This uses Tuple<T1,T2> from .NET 4.0, but can be adapted for earlier versions:

//e.g., your method with out parameters
void YourMethod<T1,T2,T3>(T1 input, out T2 x, out T3 y) { /* assigns x & y */ }

//helper method for dealing with out params
Tuple<T2,T3> GetTupleOfTwoOutValues<T1,T2,T3>(T1 input)
   T2 a;
   T3 b;
   YourMethod(input, out a, out b);
   return Tuple.Create(a,b);

IEnumerable<Tuple<T2,T3>> LinqQuery<T1,T2,T3>(IEnumerable<T1> src, T2 comparisonObject)  
   return src.Select(GetTupleOfTwoOutValues)
             .Where(tuple => tuple.Item1 == comparisonObject);
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