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I want to find some resources about java programming for android. I have a little knowledge on java programming so the guide have to begin from novice.

In other words i need a tutorial/ebook to learn java programming that i can use latter for android development.

Can you suggest me something that you have read or you know that it is good ? Anything.. from amazon...or anywhere..

Thanks in advance

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You can try the Wikibook on Java programming, available free online. This blog post lists the various pieces of Java you really need to know to get into Android development, with links to the corresponding Wikibook section.

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I can highly recommend this tutorial series.

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It depends on your knowledge of other languages. If you know C# or C++, Java is not that big issue.

Try to work through an Android app tutorial like this:

I managed to write my first app as a c# developer with that tutorial

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I know C. C++ not so good.. So i want something really novice..:) Is it worth to learn programming in java from beginning or not ? Also i begin with this tutorial yeserday and i realize that i cannot understand the code thats why im looking for something more novice.. that explains the code and so on.. – net Sep 27 '10 at 11:15

Since you say you only have experience in C, you should first read a bit about the OOP concepts in general because having a firm theoretical understanding of object-oriented programming is crucial to learning any OOP language (Java in your case, C#, Ruby..). For example, check this :

Generally, for Java resources you should visit(The Site Formerly Known as]

Best, Jas.

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