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I have an application running on a different machine ....the application needs some info from a windows 7 machine, which is listing on a specific port.

I need to run 64 instances of the application but vista is supporting only 6 instances over the specific port.

How can I change this from 6 to 64 ...

Thanks for your help.

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If your client applications are all attempting to connect simultaneously, then the most likely explanation is that you are running into the TCP connection backlog limit. This is a limit on the server-side which is deliberately set to a low level on the non-server editions of Windows.

According to Microsoft (here and here), the maximum backlog was 5 in NT4 Workstation and XP. I have not been able to confirm whether this is the same in Vista and Win7.

I do not believe it is possible to increase this limit without a crack. Your best workaround would be to make the client applications wait for a moment after a connection failure and try again.

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