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I know EF4 is still in development but as a newcomer to the subject, I need a document, tutorial etc. with EF 4 code first approach. All the info is in EF 4 Team Blog but scattered around different posts. A full coverage would be really nice.

Any one knows of a such place?

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The best online resource that I've seen so far is Scott Guthrie series of blogs on the new EF “code first” development option:

Code-First Development with Entity Framework 4
Entity Framework 4 “Code-First”: Custom Database Schema Mapping
Using EF “Code First” with an Existing Database

If you are new to the subject, like you said, then they will be a perfect point to start. There is no online documentation on MSDN for the code first API by the way, as it's merely a CTP and subject to be changed.

After that you can check out the ADO.NET team blog on the Code First Development:

Entity Framework Feature CTP4 Released
EF Feature CTP4 Walkthrough: Productivity Improvements
EF Feature CTP4 Walkthrough: Code First

Entity Framework Design blog is also a great place to share ideas and give feedback to EF team. They also have the following posts on Code First so far:

Productivity Improvements for the Entity Framework
Conventions for Code-First
Data Annotations in the Entity Framework and Code First

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This is a good video from Chanel9 – jcreamer898 Jun 10 '11 at 20:24

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