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When I use link_to :method=>:delete, what rails has generated is a javascript click, which is not nice if you do come across situation your client just have javascript disabled. That seems a bad idea to me. Any chance to get around this?

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What it generates is a form with method="delete", your best bet is to make the form yourself, the only thing is that the submit button won't be a link, but a button.

You should not, by any mean, try to do it with a basic <a href="">, because a disruptive action (create, update, delete) should not be made with a GET request.

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Your only other option is to do it manually.

Assuming the object you want to delete is in @item, just do this:

form_for @item, :method => :delete do |f|
  f.submit "Delete this item"

Then you can style the submit button to make it look like a normal link, if you want.

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If you need it to work without JavaScript use button_to:

<%= button_to 'Delete', @item, :method => :delete %>

From the doc:

Generates a form containing a single button that submits to the URL created by the set of +options+. This is the safest method to ensure links that cause changes to your data are not triggered by search bots or accelerators.

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