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if I open a connection to the server from firefox browser, and then I open a new tab within the same instance of browser to make a connection to the server, is it considered one session to server or considered as two diff sessions?


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It's the same session (you can easily test this out yourself).

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It seems to be the same session. However, if I use diff user to login, both seems to be categorized under same session? Is this the correct behaviour?

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surely it depends on what you're logging in to and what authentication mechanism it uses? –  Ben Dec 19 '08 at 9:37
we use LDAP authentication, but it's a J2EE application running on Weblogic. I tested it IE, no problem (it's two diff sessions). I did test on cross browser (IE and Firefox), it's no problem as well. But when I use firefox to connect to server using two diff userid, the session is the same. why? –  Tom Dec 19 '08 at 10:03

If you click a link on the current session to open it up in a new tab, then it'sthe same session. If you just open up a blank window and log in again, then, to the best of my knowledge,it's a new session.

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