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I'm finding it very difficult to find any decent tutorials on how to get up and running with WCAT quickly. Does anyone have a link to a decent tutorial on it that they found useful when trying to get to grips with WCAT?

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For me the best thing that I used to get going with WCAT was to get their "sample" running, which tied to a base IIS installation with a single file.

Once I got that done, i found that the help documentation was very easy to understand, it is just the initial setup that was tricky.

Otherwise, this blog posting is pretty straightforward as well.

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The release of Wcat 6.3 dates that blog post but I have got myself up and running in the using the samples. Once I figured out that I had to uncomment some lines to get it to work at all it got easier. Thanks. – Mr Grok Sep 27 '10 at 14:16
Ah yes, that initial learning curve is a bit steep, but it is a good product. – Mitchel Sellers Sep 27 '10 at 14:38
Would be nice if it had a Gui like the old "Web Application Stress Tool" (which doesn't work for me under windows 7 anyhow) – Mr Grok Sep 27 '10 at 14:43… - complete URL to the blog post – James Dunne Aug 29 '12 at 23:38

Just another option that helped me getting into this:

Using the WCAT Fiddler Extension.

This extension automatically generates all the necessary files and also calls them for you.

If you want to understand what's going behind the scenes, a good starting point for me was to use Process Explorer to see which files the Fiddler extension generates and how it calls them.

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Somehow the WCAT Fiddler Extension was not working on my side and does not support POST so I decided to create my own. I shared the source code on github just incase your interested.

Here's the link:

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I've also found this article which combines LogParser 2.2 with WCAT. You may find that interesting too.

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