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I am attempting to build the eglibc-2.11.2 package from source. Stupidly or not, I'm trying to backport it to Debian Lenny, mainly so I can build other things that require it without having to upgrade my whole system past stable. (Whether this is a good idea is an exercise for the reader.) I am using the Debianized source from sid.

When I execute dpkg-buildpackage, the package builds, but I eventually get the following error when it is running dh-shlibdeps.

dh-shlibdeps: warning: can't parse dependency #PACKAGE# (>> 2.11)
dh-shlibdeps: error: invalid dependency got generated: #PACKAGE# (>> 2.11)

(I'm slightly paraphrasing because, unfortunately, the error message has scrolled out of my screen buffer during my troubleshooting session, and this is a long build.)

It is of course quite possible that I have some other package out of date. I updated debhelper from backports, so it is at version 8.0, but that didn't help. What would solve this error?

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#PACKAGE# is substituted by dpkg-gensymbols, part of dpkg-dev, as of 1.15.0. Looks like lenny only had 1.14.29.

Backporting dpkg/dpkg-dev to 1.15.0 will probably resolve this particular issue.

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I have not yet had a chance to follow this process to completion, but it's looking good so far. Backporting dpkg was not quite as straightforward as hoped, but I was able to do so successfully with a few minor edits to the source. The C libraries seemed to build, and packages were created. I haven't had a chance yet to babysit the install of all the packages, but I'm definitely further along than I was. Further updates as events warrant... – Andrew Oct 1 '10 at 15:31
I have a lot more dependencies to figure out for what I am trying to do, but this part seems to be spot on. – Andrew Oct 4 '10 at 3:44

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