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How to identify the jobs which are modified today in datastage 8.1. Thanks Raghu

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Programmatically or by hand?

As of 8.x at least there is a Tools->Advanced find that lets you search by modification date including "Today".

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my environment: rhel4 ds8.1 reposity metadata:db2

the below code is usually used:

 - select
   seconds) as
   seconds) as modified_time,a.*
       xmeta.datastagex_xmetagen_dsjobdefc2e76d84 as a
       where name_xmeta=dsjob_name

you can change the where condition to obtain the modified today job infomation.

 - where
   seconds),'YYYYMMDD') = to_char(current timestamp,'YYYYMMDD');
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Even though this use of XMETA is unsupported, I agree this is the best method of collecting recent modifications into a usable format. –  Kerr Feb 20 '14 at 21:58

Infosphere Information Server Manager will give you a nice GUI interface where you can go to the code in question ; it will tell you the the create date , the last modifying date and the create user and last modifying user.

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