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I need to migrate content from FileNet to SharePoint 2010, i just wonder if there is a tool to perform this task.

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@nitin, would like to know more about the software you have created for this migration of FileNet to SharePoint. I myself is currently looking at such a product and would like to know what your methodology and tool can do and the cost. Regards, Wayne –  user756241 May 16 '11 at 19:29

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It seems like this might be of some help to you. (BTW: First hit on Google when searching for your question title).

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If you want to completely get rid of FileNet system then content migration is the only approach you have to finalise. If you are intrested, I would like to update you about the content migration methodology and tool which I have developed. This tool will help you to migrate content from FileNet to Sharepoint as batch program.

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Could you let me know what was your migration methodology. I have the same requirement –  Hojo Jun 27 '13 at 7:27

I'm sure you'll get help on this forum: ecmplace

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(Late reply but still interested in)

You may have two strategies, using dedicated ECM migration tools that reduce glue code an costs, or that allow you maybe more customization

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