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I have the following mxml (Omitted some parts for brevity purpose):

    private var _dataSet:IDataSet;

    public function set dataSet(value:IDataSet)
      _dataSet = value;

    private function getColorItem(itemName:*):String
      if (itemName == "Research")  return "#31e5fc";
      else {
        trace("Unknown item : " + itemName);
        return #ffffff;
<spark:RichText color="{this.getColorItem(}" ... />

Does anyone knows why the color is not being applied? If I change the binding to the method, for a constant String (i.e. #31e5fc), it works allright?

I need the color to change according to the data received by this component. Any help on where I am doing a mistake is much appreciated.

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You've got a couple of odd things here. First, your getColorItem function should return a uint rather than a String. Second, why not just call getColorItem from your dataSet setter? Something like this:

public function set dataSet(value:IDataSet)
    _dataSet = value;
    myRichText.setStyle("color", getColorItem(;

Hope that helps.

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I just figured out my errors. I had forgotten to set an id for the RichText. Thanks! – dornad Sep 27 '10 at 18:35

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