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Is there any gem for ruby (I want to use it in a rails app) that does something like Twitter Stream API. Keep the http conection open and send information in real time basis, in a query or events.

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You need:

  • a server that speaks HTTP in order to be able to understand queries and respond valid HTTP to the client
  • an asynchronous system that will push updates in the connection established with the client when there's new data available.

Then thin is an options you might consider, it has a builtin http parser for the first requirement, and eventmachine for the second.

Have a look at this example (run it with thin --rackup async_tailer.ru start). It is tailing asynchronously the /var/log/syslog through a open http connection. You can adapt this example to send data from other asynchronous sources from which you would like data to come.

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I think twitter-stream should do what you want.

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this is a client for the twitter stream api, i think the questionner is asking how to implement a similar service. –  hellvinz Sep 28 '10 at 15:53

twitterstream gem worked best for me

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Twitter Gem has added streaming functionality. you can check that out

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