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I need to do a quick demo app using Google Maps (or Yahoo Maps, or any similar service). So far I haven't had much luck finding .NET wrappers for any of these services.

Any suggestions or pointers?

I'm not opposed to using the native javascript api to do this, but I assumed someone would have already written a wrapper to easily integrate this into an ASP.NET application.

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I strongly recommend you to take the JavaScript route. The are lots, and lots of samples how to do things in Javascript, without needing to learn the specific way the component do the thing. –  Eduardo Molteni Aug 14 '09 at 17:10

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I'm the creator of one of the most important GoogleMaps controls for ASP.NET.

You can find it on googlemaps.subgurim.net. It's translated to 15 languages, has more than 25.000 downloads, a very active forum, code gallery, icon gallery, etc.

It's great for novel developers and advanced ones. You can done almost everything that can be done with the javascript API, plus a lot of extra features.

Of course, it has a great documentation.

Try it!

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Used it and abused it, and it still worked. Very nice control –  Robert Aug 18 '09 at 15:03
Thanks Robert ;) –  Subgurim Jan 20 '10 at 19:04

I always check CodePlex.com



The GoogleMaps project above has a lot of good examples on the project leader's website.

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If you are interested, there is an ASP.NET Virtual Earth Mapping Server Control here:


This is essentially a "wrapper" around Virtual Earth that abstracts out most (if not all) of the JavaScript that you would traditionally need to write. It allows you to handle map events and manipulate map events completely from server-side .NET code.

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I've had good luck with this one: http://www.shabdar.org/google-maps-user-control-for-ASP-Net-part1.html (assumes you have the ajax extensions at your disposal - this makes it easy to use but it might not be the best for performance)

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It works, but it's very incomplete but is full of WTF's and bad coding practices. For example, it uses the session to maintain state, meaning that if you open multiple windows using this control, they will share their state (!). –  Zidad May 22 '09 at 14:00

I like the virtual earth maps that microsoft produces. For a .net mashup of this go here: http://dotnetslackers.com/columns/ajax/ASPNETAJAXMeetsVirtualEarthPartOne.aspx

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Here are some links but as with most things i have not got round to trying them yet.



Cheers John

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