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I have a mutliple drop down menus that I am using to hide/show rows in my table.


 <select name="kp1_action" class="longboxsmall">
     <option class="hidenextrow" value="">Button Disabled</option>
    <option class="showtransferoptions" value="transfercall">Transfer Call + Log Keypress to Reports</option>
    <option  class="shownextrow" value="logkeypress">Log Keypress to Reports Only</option>
    <option  class="shownextrow" value="optout">Optout of Call List</option>

I have assigned classes to each of the different options so I can trigger events when they are clicked this is my jQUERY.

        $(".shownextrow").click(function() { 

                        $(".showtransferoptions").click(function() { 

                $(".hidenextrow").click(function() { 

Everything works perfectly in Firefox but not in IE or CHROME why is this?? IS there a better way of doing the above??

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I would bind the "change" event to the SELECT instead, and then in the event handler, evaluate the value of the SELECT.

    if(this.value == "transfercall") {
    // OR
    if($(this).hasClass("shownextrow")) {
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