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I am having a trouble invoking a Jquery dialog box on a 'parent' page.

I'm calling the dialog 'open' from a dynamically loaded page within an iFrame on the 'parent' page.

The showDialog button is on that dynamic IFrame form.

I'm using #divId as the placeholder div, and #modalIframeId1 is where the dynamic form gets loaded via src='AddLead.aspx' for instance.

If I put #divId & #modalIframeId1 on the master page for the popup form it works, but I want a 'generic' divId on the parent page, so the dialog popups up in the parent page, not on the form in the IFrame - it's too small for some dialogs I need to call.

Essentially there is this "parent level" I need to address so when I set the options & call with code like this, it will work:

$('#divId').dialog('option', 'height', vHeight);

$('#divId').dialog('option', 'width', intWidth);   

$('#divId').dialog('option', 'position', 'center');

I have tried various parent() type calls, but can't seem to be able to set and open the dialog on the parent page from the child page.



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Give a try for this one

var dialogplaceholder = window.parent.$("#divId");

The code is self-explainatory, select element of id= #divId from the parent window and use it as a placeholder to open a dialog box.

Hope this helps.

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This worked like a charm or me. Thanks. – dgig Apr 10 '11 at 21:16

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