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If you have 17 records and are displaying 15 at a time then when you're on page 2 you see records 16-17 of 17 - makes sense.

Now when you're on this second page and you hit the reload button on the nav (set datatype='json') when the grid reloads the nav is showing that the grid is displaying 16-30 of 17. This seems to be a bug - is there a workaround?

The grid still has 17 rows - but it's trying to show a full 15 rows (the rowNum) setting on the second page when it should only be showing two rows (16-17). And the nav pagination text is incorrect (referring to 30 rows when there is only 17).

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You are right. It is an old problem. I used always before


but there is another way. The trigger 'reloadGrid' support additional options: 'current' and 'page'.

$("#list").trigger("reloadGrid", [{page:1}]);

will reset page to 1 in one step. The usage in the form

$("#list").trigger("reloadGrid", [{current:true}]);

allows to preserver current selection. You can of cause combine both options.

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Are any of these options a workaround for the bug? That is in my example, can I reload the grid and be on page 2 where the grid will show just records 16-17 ? – Marcus Leon Sep 27 '10 at 21:32
And has this bug been reported? – Marcus Leon Sep 27 '10 at 21:32
@Marcus: Yes on both your questions. You can directly start with page 2 if you set it in the jqGrid parameters. You can report the bug yourself or I can do this. Currently I want make a short pause, but stay too longer on the stackoverflow. I have to continue my main work... :-). By the way there are currently only the two options: page and current. – Oleg Sep 27 '10 at 21:38
@Marcus: I think that the reseting of page always to 1 can not be implemented. Sometimes you need refresh the current page (click 'refresh' button on the navigator). In the case the pager should stay unchanged. If you go to the next page, the reload will be also started. So it is not a bug. You should just take in consideration to reset page to 1 if it needed. For example if you change url or the postData parameters before you should 'reloadGrid' you should also change the page parameter. One more short information to you: I appended your bug report about onPager. – Oleg Sep 27 '10 at 22:47
@Markus: It reminds me of a beggar, who is unhappy while he became only $100 and no new BMW. Just reread your original question and count which comment we are written. Do you know a better solution of your problem? Do you want a new BMW for no money? Do you know a better grid as jqGrid? How much you payed for this? Do you can write a better grid for no money and give it other people?... Then just be happy from the things which you have. It is not a little by the way... – Oleg Sep 28 '10 at 19:08

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