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I've been trying to set up a Java EE 6 Maven project via New Project -> Maven -> Maven Enterprise Application.

However, when I try to run the application I've been running into a couple problems:

  1. I had to change the the http port that Glassfish listens on because the port it chose (8080) was already used. I went into the domain.xml file and changed the port to 8081. But when I try and run the application, netbeans is opening the browser with port 8080 still. Is there a way to change this, so netbeans opens the browser with port 8081?

  2. Why when I run the web application why is https being used instead of http? When https is being used its not finding the index.jsp page...

Thanks for any help!

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Go to the "Services" tab, under "Servers" find the item that represents your Glassfish instance. Right-click on it, select "Properties". Change the location field to "localhost:8081".

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The Location field is grayed out, so it won't let me change its value. I'm using NetBeans 6.9, if that helps at all... – Brian DiCasa Sep 27 '10 at 22:56
OK, I just tried it here, and I can't edit the field either. My mistake - it looked like it would be editable. Try creating a new server profile, name it something like "Glassfish-8081" for clarity. – Mike Baranczak Sep 28 '10 at 0:46
Thanks, once I re-registered the server using netbeans, it stopped trying to use https as well. – Brian DiCasa Sep 29 '10 at 21:44

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