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I am using wsdl.exe to convert a WSDL file and Types.xsd file into a C# file. The wsdl file specifies optional variables (minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1"), and the generated .NET type handles this by created two fields - one for the variable (e.g. status) and one to let you know if it's specified (statusSpecified).

Is there a way to use the wsdl tool to only create one field that is Nullable (i.e. if not null, it is specified)? (If it helps, I think I can change the wsdl file to have nillable="true" elements.)

Is there a different, better tool that will generate .NET types from WSDL? I am using .NET 4, so it would be useful if the generated types took advantage of features like Nullable types.

NOTE: I just realized that I am using the wsdl tool from .NET 2 and that newer projects should use WCF for this stuff. Any pointers on the WCF way to get what I want?

Regarding WCF, this article pointed me in the direction of using the svcutil tool (which was already in my PATH, so I could just run it from the command line in the folder with the wsdl and xsd files like so: svcutil *.wsdl *.xsd /language:C#). Unfortunately, svcutil doesn't seem to do any better with using Nullable types instead of xSpecified variables.

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