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Can someone tell me how to hide the root node of a TreeView in WPF/Silverlight? I would still like to display hierarchical data and to be able to expand collapse nodes except for the root node (which shouldn't be displayed at all).



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Do you need to have a single root node?

If not you could create all your items at the top level.

  <TreeViewItem Header='First'>
    <TreeViewItem Header='sub' />
  <TreeViewItem Header='Second'>
    <TreeViewItem Header='sub' />
  <TreeViewItem Header='Third'>
    <TreeViewItem Header='sub' />

alt text

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You can create a DataTrigger that makes the root node collapsed

This link may help: http://www.beacosta.com/2006/05/how-can-i-change-way-data-_114702952170041155.html

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If I collapse the root node, won't that make all other nodes disappear too? –  Xam Sep 28 '10 at 11:53

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