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I need to upload same file to 2 different place in same FTP. Is there a way to copy the file on the FTP to the other place instead of upload it again? Thanks.

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I don't think there's a way to copy files without downloading and re-uploading, at least I found nothing like this in the List of FTP commands and no client I have seen so far supported something like this.

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Yes, the FTP protocol itself can support this in theory. The FTP RFC 959 discusses this in section 5.2 (see the paragraph starting with "When data is to be transferred between two servers, A and B..."). However, I don't know of any client that offers this sort of dual server control operation.

Note that this method could transfer the file from the FTP server to itself using its own network, which won't be as fast as a local file copy but would almost certainly be faster than downloading and then reuploading the file.

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I wonder if you used this and specified localhost if you could get around that minor bottleneck. Even so, we need to consider that many FTP servers block FXP (also known as server-to-server transfers) due to "FTP bounce attacks". But a smart FTP server won't block it for localhost. Still, it might just block all FXP. –  SilentSteel Oct 18 '13 at 7:45

I managed to do this by using WebDrive to mount the ftp as a local folder, then "download" the files using filezilla directly to the folder. It was a bit slower than download normally is, but you dont need to have the space on your hdd.

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You can rename the file to be copied into the full path of your wanted result.

For example: If you want to move the file "file.txt" into the folder "NewFolder" you can write it as

ftp> rename file.txt NewFolder/file.txt

This worked for me.

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This misses the point of the question - OP explicitly asked about copying, not about moving –  codeling Aug 28 '14 at 7:37

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