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Alright so I am using a little bbcode function for a forum I have, working well, so if, in example, I put


it will print Text in bold.

My issue is, if I have that code:


Well it will not work, and just print that as it's right now.

Here is an example of the function I am using:

function BBCode ($string) {
$search = array(
$replace = array(
return preg_replace($search , $replace, $string);

Then when echo'ing it:


So my question would be, what is necessary so the BBcode works with everything inside it, but no necessarily on the same line.

In example:




Would simply be


Thank you for any help!


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I know I'm late but that regex came in handy for my BBCode-style PHP. Thanks. – rybo111 Aug 11 '13 at 21:27
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You need the multiline modifier, which makes your pattern something like #\[b\](.*?)\[/b\]#ms

(note the trailing m)

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I tried that, but it doesn't seem to have an effect tho, but thanks for the reply! – Alex Cane Sep 28 '10 at 1:05
@Alex: To use . and match new lines I believe you also need the s modifier. (updated post above) – Mark Elliot Sep 28 '10 at 1:06
Thanks alot it works now, much appreciated! – Alex Cane Sep 28 '10 at 1:16

There is actually a pecl extension that parses BBcode, which would be faster and more secure than writing it from scratch yourself.

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I use this... It should work.

$bb1 = array(

$bb2 = array(
'<a href="\\1">\\1</a>',
'<img alt="" src="\\1"/>',
'<img alt="" class="\\1" src="\\2"/>',
'<a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="\\1">\\2</a>',
'<span style="color:#ff0000;">\\1</span>',
'<span style="font-weight:bold;">\\1</span>',
'<pre><code class="php">\\1</code></pre>'

$html = preg_replace($bb1, $bb2, $html);
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Thanks alot! This is very helpful – Alex Cane Sep 28 '10 at 1:29

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