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What are my options for 3D plotting in Python?

It also must be redistributable.

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I assume you're asking for reccomendations, rather than just what modules are available...

Personally, I mostly use Mayavi/Mlab/TVTK. It's essentially a higher level interface to VTK. It's available under a BSD-style license (If I recall correctly...), so it should be freely re-distributable. If you're visualizing scientific data, it's an excellent choice.

For simpler 3D plots, matplotlib's Axes3D is quite nice. Take a look at the 3D examples (towards the bottom) on the matplotlib gallery page. However, it's not well suited to visualize volumetric data or more complex surfaces.

Naturally, those aren't the only options, but they're the two I would reccomend.

If you want to drop down to a lower level, there's always PyOpenGL, too.

At any rate, hopefully that points you in the right direction...

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One more variant is Python interface to MathGL. This is GPL library with large set of 2D and 3D plotting graphics types.

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