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I am attempting to use the API in PHP to subscribe and assign a subscriber to a group.

I need to be able to create the group on the fly and I'm trying something like the following with not much success:

// include other relevant files here

$merge_vars = array(

If I remove the 'groupings' from the Array, the subscribing works just fine - so we've got that going... but how do we do groups?

Thanks for your time

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Add 1 more thing in array i.e "EMAIL" => ""

& when you calling listSubscribe() check your

apiKey, listId,

"email id which is to be add in subscriber list comes here i.e", EMAIL_TYPE fields properly.

try this. It will be helpful for you.

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I know this is a little late, but I figured this might help someone else.

$merge_vars = array(
    'GROUPINGS' => array(
        0 => array(
            'id' => "101", //You have to find the number via the API
            'groups' => "Interest Name 1, Interest Name 2",

And then you can use the listUpdateMember() method to add an existing subscriber to an interest group.

// Then use listUpdateMember to add them
$objMailChimp->listUpdateMember($listID, $email, $merge_vars));
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