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I have the following model: (goal is to create a news feed / activity feed for my app).


id.int | user_id.int | item_type.string | item_id.id | created.timestamp | data.string

With the intent that I can create records like:

{id:1, userId:1, item_type:Photo, item_id:33, time:2008-10-15 12:00:00, data:{photoName:A trip to the beach}}

{id:2, userId:1, item_type:Comment, item_id:312, time:2008-10-15 12:00:00, data:{photo_id:3131, photoName:A trip to the beach}}


  • id = auto incremement
  • userid = user who created the activity
  • item_type: model so this works for unlimited models in the app
  • item_id: ID for the type above
  • time - very important!
  • data - misc info that will allow for displaying the activity without extra DB queries or joins... performance reasons...

I need you thoughts around:

  1. Feedback on the model. Any concerns or improvements?
  2. Now that we have a model, what is the smart way to CREATE ACTIVITIES for several of the items on the App, like Books (Create, Update, Commented), Photos (Create, Commented)


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The most reliable source of information for activity streams/feeds seems to be ActivityStrea.ms (http://www.activitystrea.ms). You should really go through the spec!

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