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I'm trying to use Lazarus for OS X to complete a PASCAL programming assignment, and for some reason, I keep getting the following debugger error.

Debugger Error Ooops, the debugger entered the error state. Save your work now!

Hit Stop, and hope the best, we're pulling the plug.

Even though it tells me "Project successfully built :)" after compiling, it will always give me that debugger error.

When I rescan the FPC source directory, I get another error as well, even though I installed the FPC package from

The error I get for that is:


The project uses target OS=darwin and CPU=i386. The system.ppu for this target was not found in the FPC binary directories. Make sure fpc is installed correctly for this target and the fpc.cfg contains the right directories.

then I'll click "ok" and get this error after:

FPC Source Directory error Please check the freepascal source directory.

I'm pretty sure all these errors are somehow related.

Any help for this Lazarus/PASCAL noob would be much appreciated.

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To solve the error about FPC source directory, install the FPC sources, for example from SourceForge:

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This bug is fixed in current SVN trunk. First of all you need fpc 2.4.0 and corresponding fpc-src - download for Mac OS X i386 and install from

Inside a terminal emulator type

svn co lazarus-svn

Check if fpc compiler is in your path (type in terminal fpc and you'll see)

cd to the lazarus-svn dir and run


In finder, you can click in Projects/lazarus-svn on to start lazarus.

However, there is still a bug affecting Intel based Mac OS X - The exception handling by debugger is still broken, so be prepared.

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