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So, I'm working for the first time with embedding a RSS (or atom, but right now I'm trying to stick to rss) feed from my Remember the Milk account in my own website. (Eventually, there will be an at a glance dashboard style thing.) Now, like I said, this is pretty much my first time actually working with rss feeds. I've been using Magpie RSS, and whenever I give it a url to fetch, it errors out saying:

Warning: MagpieRSS: fetch_rss called without a url in /magpierss/ on line 238

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in dash.php on line 53

So, from this I conclude that my URL is wrong. However, this is the RSS feed url supplied by RTM, and which works just fine in my google reader. So, what am I screwing up?

Edit: The php I'm using to call rss_fetch:

$url = $_GET['  ZPWP9R*Y8JoFVAph3Zs26GIXmEgHkp3VUNsqZ1aK436o0Dm4JykGjLt*9*uqetc1vp-    fPVAFwzwGpmLPbHYrPGws60j32koOa3vwbiKxgvVs9Ug-gVBuNpdk-AEX*ysp'];
$rss= fetch_rss( $url );
echo $rss->channel['title'] . "<p>";
echo "<ul>";
foreach ($rss->items as $item) {
    $href = $item['link'];
    $title = $item['title'];
    echo "<li><a href=$href>$title</a></li";
echo "</ul>";

It's pretty much the example php from Magpie.

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any chance of seeing some code where you're actually calling fetch_rss? – acqu13sce Sep 28 '10 at 5:24

I'm fairly certain the following line

$url = $_GET['  ZPWP9R*Y8JoFVAph3Zs26GIXmEgHkp3VUNsqZ1aK436o0Dm4JykGjLt*9*uqetc1vp-    fPVAFwzwGpmLPbHYrPGws60j32koOa3vwbiKxgvVs9Ug-gVBuNpdk-AEX*ysp'];

should be

$url = '  ZPWP9R*Y8JoFVAph3Zs26GIXmEgHkp3VUNsqZ1aK436o0Dm4JykGjLt*9*uqetc1vp-    fPVAFwzwGpmLPbHYrPGws60j32koOa3vwbiKxgvVs9Ug-gVBuNpdk-AEX*ysp';

$_GET is an array of all the query string parameters passed to the php script, for example if you had the following url

in the test.php script

$_GET['a'] == 'foo'
$_GET['b'] == 'bar'
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Yes, that's not the functionality of $_GET. The $_GET superglobal looks at the current requested URL to parse and retrieve variables. Also, getting the variable from the URL would make no sense even if it did work. $_GET['key'] would grab 'value' in the URL query '?key=value'.

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