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I have a xulrunner app, and I am using the browser object; I would like to call loadURI to download a URL and not have it load any of the content on the page.

Is there a way to specify via pref a way to disable downloading of resources such as CSS, images, JavaScript?

Update I found the nsIDocShell documentation, and this solves half of my problem; is there a way to prevent it from download javascript and CSS files?

browser.docShell.allowImages = false;
browser.docShell.allowMetaRedirects = false;
browser.docShell.allowAuth = false;
browser.docShell.allowPlugins = false;
browser.docShell.allowSubframes = false;
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See How to stop firefox from downloading and applying CSS via a firefox extension?. It doesn't have an easy answer also, but the questioner does suggest a workaround that might be close enough to your needs.

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