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what is mono project , can this help me to run my winform software on macosx . is it secure ? can I install mono instead of .netframework ?

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No one will explain it better than the Mono team itself. . – Mia Clarke Sep 28 '10 at 6:53
Are you just to lazzy to google for mono? Cheese – Yves M. Sep 28 '10 at 6:55
Of course no one can explain better then, but a lot of people can share their expreiences about Mono. – bahadir arslan Sep 28 '10 at 6:55
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Mono Rocks!

What can I say, I simply LOVE IT... It brings the .NET framework to all *nix machines, including Mac OSX.

and all this, includes the fantastic MonoTouch (though it requires a license from Novel) to develop Native iPhone apps in... .NET language!

there are 3 things you need to know to start developing your "winforms" under Mac.

  • Install Mono Framework (kinda like you need to install .NET 3.5)
  • Install MonoDevelop (it's the Mono IDE, kinda like Visual Studio)

added 3rd thingy that you should be aware of

  • You can easily convert winforms to osx forms, the code behind it's a simple copy paste of all your methods, but the GUI is a little tricky and you should know how the Interface Builder works so you can understand the linkage between GUI and Code.

if you want to take a deeper look without starting and installing nothing, take a look at the Session EX02 that Miguel presented at MIX 2010, intitled The Mono Project

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3 things that we need to know - but you forgot to mention one of them? :-) – InSane Sep 28 '10 at 7:02
eheh, you right ... I got lost with Miguel video and forgot to add the 3rd :D ... added ;) – balexandre Sep 28 '10 at 7:21
yeah Mono Rocks :) – explorer Sep 28 '10 at 7:39

Mono is an open source implementation of .NET framework. Yes it can run winform apps on both mac and linux. But to get the native look and feel of Mac you should probably use cocoa# bindings on Mac rather than the winforms gui library. With Monotouch it can also let your C# application run on iPhone. With Monodroid it can run your C# app on Android ... etc etc

See the following for more info:
1) for general information
2) for iPhone development with mono
3) for Mac download

Monodevelop is the Visual Studio equivalent for Mono development. Get it from

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The home page of the Mono project has most of the information you need. I'll quote some relevant bits:

An open source, cross-platform, implementation of C# and the CLR that is binary compatible with Microsoft.NET

Mono is a software platform designed to allow developers to easily create cross platform applications. Sponsored by Novell, Mono is an open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET Framework based on the ECMA standards for C# and the Common Language Runtime. A growing family of solutions and an active and enthusiastic contributing community is helping position Mono to become the leading choice for development of Linux applications

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Mono project is targetting to run .Net Framework at Linux and MacOS.

But there are alot of problem and the project proceeds slowly.

I don't know the current state but i know you can create winforms on Linux and with MonoLight you can create Silverlight applications.

You can get more information

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Mono is

An open source, cross-platform, implementation of C# and the CLR that is binary compatible with Microsoft.NET

Therefore, you use mono instead of .net framework on not-windows native machine like Ubuntu, OSX.

You can use MonoDevelop to build your application with C# code. refer:

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